PHP 6 for Enterprise Level Web Development

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Published: 18th January 2011
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PHP is extremely popular server side scripting language and the reasons behind its popularity are enormous. Some of main features like it is open source and supports quick development of web applications. Numbers of Content Management Systems like Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, X-Cart, Zen Cart, osCommerce have been written in PHP. Although PHP supports all database but at a large scale it has been used with MySQL because both are open source and support quick application development. It runs under many operating systems, and many Web servers have dozens of modules that add to its capabilities. PHP has a wide supporting community.

PHP allows developer to create dynamically generated pages in a very short time. When PHP 5 came in the technical market it came with new OOPS concepts and database work. Now it is the time of PHP 6. PHP 6 is upgraded version of PHP 5; it is faster and feature rich programming language which is most suitable for enterprise level web development as suitable for procedural and object-oriented script. We can say that it is the next step in PHP growth and development.

PHP 6 is more Object oriented based. With PHP 6 developers tried to overcome and fix many bugs of PHP 5. Some unique features in PHP 6:

Full Unicode Support: PHP 6 provides full Unicode support and it also introduced with large integer (64 bit).

Namespaces: Namespaces are a way of avoiding name collisions between functions and classes without using prefixes in naming conventions that make the names of your methods and classes unreadable. So by using namespaces, developer can have class names that someone else might use, but now they don't have to worry about running into any problems. Listing 1 provides an example of a namespace in PHP.

Web 2.0 features: Now developers directly introduce Web 2.0 features into PHP application.

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